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Lubrication Technologies for Aluminum Extrusion and Casting

Why 6000E and CANMIST for
Circular Sawing Aluminum?

AMCOL 6000E Precision Lubrication with SMART Controls

  • Electronically Timed Injection Metering– PLC Controlled
  • Fixed Stroke Injector – Consistent Liquid Volume
  • Fixed Pressure – Non-adjustable Regulator
  • B Manifolds for Saws – Surround the Blade
  • Wet Spray Tips – Penetrate to the Cutting Edge
The Result:
  • System settings are exact and repeatable.
  • Maximum tool life. Minimum lube usage.
  • Adjustments made easy.
  • Reduce smoke, mist, and overspray.
  • Total control of pump frequency.

Lubrication wouldn’t be SMART without CANMIST cutting fluids.


AMCOL offers a variety of products to meet your price and performance needs.

Reduce Consumption by Pairing SMART
6000E with CANMIST Saw Lubricants

CANMIST Series Lubricants

357 HD—Low Smoke in Heavy Cutting

  • Heat Treat Compatible
  • Excellent Performance and Value
  • Light Oily Residue

390 ND—Minimum Burr on Tough Profiles

  • Will Never Stain in Heat Treat
  • Non-Freezing
  • Maximum Blade Life

331 WLX– Water Washable

  • Gold Standard for Hot Billet Sawing
  • Low Smoke, Low Mist
  • Ideal for Fabricating Extrusions

6000E SMART Features

Electronic Pulse Timing

  • Measurable Volume Output
  • Eliminate “Eye-ball” Adjustments
  • Programmed Into PLC

Fixed Atomizing Air Pressure

  • Eliminate Mist or Fog
  • No More Operator Adjustment
  • Available Options: 10 and 15 PSI

Fixed Piston Stroke Length

  • Volume Adjustment Made by Increasing Pump Frequency
  • Repeatable
  • Multiple Options Available

Proven Technology, Refined Over Decades

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