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AMCOL Solutions for Welded Tube and Roll Forming

Coolants for Welded Tube and Cold Roll Forming

CHARCOOL mill coolants set the industry standard with superior rust protection and tool life, reduced roll marking and build up, and maximum sump life.

Best-in-class coolants with engineered purification systems maximize productivity and process reliability.

Dedicated Coolant Filtration Systems

AMCOL Model 3076 Coolant Purification Systems maximize coolant performance and extend sump life. Systems include reservoir, coolant pump, oil skimmer with decanting, automatic paper media filtration, and in-line bag filtration.



Corrosion Inhibitors

AMCOL offers a variety of versions of CANT RUST specifically formulated for use in welded tube and roll forming.

Long term storage protection with consistent coating technology gives you peace of mind.

In-Line Profile Coating System

The 3200 Series Spray System is designed to apply interim storage coatings to the outside diameter of steel tubes and exposed surfaces of simple roll formed profiles. Spray systems are easily set-up to spray a wide range of profiles, mill speeds, and coating weights.

High Performance Lubricant Concentrates

CANMIST High Performance Lubricants incorporate unique blends of extreme pressure anti‐wear additives in heat stable synthetic base oils. Ounces of lubricant can outperform gallons of traditional cut-off oils.

High performance precision lubrication ensures superior tool life and reduced chemical consumption.

Precision Lubrication Systems

AMCOL 6000 Series Lubrication Systems, deliver minute quantities of high performance lubricant directly to the shear blade just prior to cutting. These systems eliminate cutting oil on the tube surface and run reliably for years.



Mobile Coolant Reclamation

The SF160 SURECLEAN Mobile Coolant Reclamation System is a high-speed filtration and skimming unit that quickly removes suspended solids and tramp oils from water-based coolants.

A stand-alone system that is rolled up to your machine and can complete the process in less than 30 minutes.

The SF160 SURECLEAN Coolant Purification System is best utilized where conventional filtration is not possible due to space constraints, cost, and other machine-specific limitations.