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No Adjustments in the Control Box – that’s just “SMART”!

AMCOL now offers a number of upgrades to the 6000 Series Precision Applicators which are
designed to make these systems more consistent, reliable, and repeatable. Included are the following:

  1. Electronic Control of Injection Pulse Rate – replaces pneumatic timer.
  2. Fixed Position Injection Stroke – replaces adjustable hex cap.
  3. Pre-Set Spray Tip Pressure – assures the same spray every time.

We call it SMART Metering. These upgrades can be fitted to older systems or specified on new ones. These upgrades can all be included or individually chosen.

  • System settings are known.
  • Maximized lubricant efficiency.
  • Adjustments are no longer random.
  • Reduced lubricant usage with less mist, smoke, and overspray.
  • Time tested.