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Saw Lubrication

CANMIST Precision Applied High-Performance Lubricants

Adheres to the Blade and Holds Up to Heat, Providing Maximum Tool Life



High Performance Concentrates

Synonymous with exceptional tool life.


Maximizes Tool Life

Unique blends of extreme pressure anti‐wear additives in heat stable synthetic base oils.


Extracts Heat With Minimal Smoke

Formulated with the best available additives.


Little or No Residue

Designed to be consumed within the cut.


Specialized Products for a Variety of Applications

Each is designed to be compatible with heat treatment, cleaning, welding, painting, and other processing methods.



6000 Series

A Standard System Specifically for Band Saws

Spray is directed at the sides of the blade.


Spray Manifold Over Blade

Eases blade changing and is protected from breakage.


90 Degree Spray Tip

Ensures proper coating of the blade.


Eliminate Rust and Corrosion

CANMIST is compatible with most metals.


The Lubricant is Consumed With the Cut

The result is dry parts, dry chips, and a dry machine.


Model 6000B Precision Lubrication for Band Saws

Two Spray Points Coat the Blade on Both Sides

Model 6000B Precision Lubrication for Circular Saws

Two or Three Spray Points with High Velocity Spray Tips


6000 Series

A Standard System Specifically for Circular Saws

Use with CANMIST Fluids to replace flood coolants.


Ideal for Sawing Aluminum, Copper, Brass and Steel

Applications include billet, ingot, plate, extrusions, and welded tubes.


Saw Manifolds

Ensure the ideal spray angle.


Spray Tips

Designed to break the air current and coat the blade.


Electronic Control

Allows for ultimate control as you change alloys and severity of the cut.


Blades Up to 24" Serviced with Two Spray Points

For larger saw blades or in high precision cuttng, three injectors service three spray points.


Complex Systems for Multi-headed Saws and Dedicated Fabrication Cells

With a variety of systems designed to match your specific requirements.