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Corrosion Inhibitors & Coating Systems

Model 3200 In-Line Coating System for Tubes and Profiles

Includes Spray Box with Integral Blow-off and Up to 8 Spray Points


3200 Spray System

Used to Apply Rust Preventatives Onto Continuous Profiles

Applies interim storage coatings to the outside diameter of steel tubes and exposed surfaces of simple roll formed profiles


Works Best with the 921 DS CANT RUST series of Rust Preventatives

Promotes consistent and predictable coating of profiles


Collects Overspray for Potential Reuse or Segregation and Disposal

Minimizes cross-contamination of mill coolants and rust preventatives


Spray Nozzles Surround the Profile on all Sides

An air blow-off removes residual mill coolant


Converts Easily from One Size to Another

Standard in 4, 6, or 8 points of spray, injectors can be turned on/off in groups


Integrates and Easily Installed Between the Mill and Cut‐off

Systems include a spray box, system controls, a liquid reservoir, and related mounting



Corrosion Preventative Used to Coat and Protect All Types of Rolled Steel

Inhibits rust, staining, and corrosion during indoor warehouse storage and interim transit


Is Best Applied using the 3200 In-line Spray Applicator

One gallon of CANT RUST typically covers up to 10,000 sq. ft. with a light coating


Wets Out to a Light Film

Is easily removed for painting or plating


Residual Film Stays Soft and Oily

Easily removed using acid or alkaline detergent cleaners, or mineral spirits


No Solvent Carriers

Often less per gallon than other products. Many users also cite reduced consumption


Three different Versions are Available

Short and Medium-term coating along with maximum rust protection in high humidity


Water Displacing Corrosion Preventatives

Oil Based Water Displacing Corrosion Preventatives