AMCOL Spray Systems

The AMCOL Model 3200 In-line Coating System was patented in 1994 and has been improving ever since. This system is designed to apply interim storage coatings to the outside diameter of steel tubes and exposed surfaces of simple roll formed profiles. These systems are installed between the mill and cut-off and include an air blow off to remove residual mill coolant, a complete spray system for metering and dispensing rust preventative, and a containment box to eliminate overspray and collect any excess fluid. Spray nozzles surround the profile on all sides; output per spray nozzle is adjustable based on injection volume and injection rate. The result is a consistent coating of the tube or profile.

CANT RUST Coatings

AMCOL CANT RUST liquid coatings are used to protect tubes and profiles in storage and transit. The AMCOL Model 3200 In-line Coating System has proven to be very effective in applying AMCOL CANT RUST interim storage coatings, which are available in a variety of forms to meet your exacting needs. CANT RUST is designed for use on all types of steel (HR, HRPO, CRCQ, Galvanized, etc.) and are compatible with common fabrication and finishing methods such as painting, plating, e-coat, welding, and others.

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