Boron Nitride Powders for Billet & Block Release

Boron Nitride powders have gained widespread use in billet lubrication and release in aluminum extrusion. 410 BNP EJECTEZE takes Boron Nitride to a whole new level. It is an improvement on standard Boron Nitride with improved billet adhesion and reduced dusting, all at a competitive price. AMCOL has successfully developed the powder chemistry and dispensing technology in order to maximize performance, safety, reliability, and value.

The AMCOL Model 3500 Electrostatic Powder Application System incorporates years of experience and dedication to improving reliability and3063 block spray mod scale repeatability of dispensing technology. A user friendly controller and high efficiency gun facilitate a smooth even coating. Powder is kept dry and light with a fluidizing bed type hopper. This system also incorporates several accessories such as a mount with an integrated dust collection hood and incoming air quality monitoring.

Water Based Polymeric Billet & Block Release

The AMCOL Model 3063 Spray System is an air atomizing spray applicator with a rotating spray head that is designed specifically to apply a light even coating of 46 ILX EJECTEZE to extrusion billets and dummy blocks in only seconds. 46 ILX EJECTEZE is a water based high temperature release coating used as a parting agent between steel and aluminum. Together, this system and 46 ILX EJECTEZE create a simple and effective system that is easy to install and maintain and is designed for the rugged environment of aluminum extrusion.

butt shear spray modified scale

Automatic Spray Lubrication for Hot Shearing

BL 463 2S EJECTEZE is a water based and water dilutable liquid that coats completely with capillary action, leaving only a light oily residue. BL 463 2S EJECTEZE eliminates flame and smoke, will not make a mess of the press environment, and can be applied automatically. The AMCOL Model 3049 Spray System is fitted to a butt shear or log shear with magnetically mounted atomizing nozzles that have a variety of spray patters and extensions to automatically spray these hard to reach places. This system is designed to perform reliably in the high temperature environment of aluminum extrusion presses.

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