6000 Series Lubrication System

The AMCOL 6000 Series Lubrication System is an air operated spray system used to accurately dispense minute quantities of liquid lubricants and coatings used in the production and fabrication of metal. With this system, fluids are injection metered from a gravity reservoir using patented positive displacement piston pumps and then mixed with air at the spray point. Multi-point lubrication is accomplished with multiple injectors or by splitting outputs at the spray point.

The AMCOL 6000 Series Lubrication System is available in standard packages for many applications. They are engineered for the rough industrial environment typically encountered in metalworking with a myriad of options to meet your exacting requirements.

CANMIST Precision Applied High Performance Lubricants

Precision Applied Minimum Quantity Lubricants are dispensed using the AMCOL 6000 Series Precision Lubrication system or similar injection metering systems and have been proven to be very effective when used in high speed sawing, milling, drilling, tapping, precision stamping, punching, piercing, bending, swaging, guillotine cut-off, cold roll forming, tube bending and end forming, and lathe cutting.

CANMIST Precision Applied High Performance Lubricants have been designed to provide maximum tool life as compared to conventional lubrication techniques using high performance additives at maximum concentrations. Extended tool life means lower tooling costs and less downtime. Dry chips will bring more money per pound. Additionally, you will save money on handling, storage, containment, clean-up, and disposal. Products are available that are designed for a variety of different metals, finishing techniques, chemical requirements, and cost parameters.

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