AMCOL Model 3076 Coolant Purification Systems

The AMCOL Model 3076 Coolant Purification Systems are designed and engineered to maximize the benefits of today’s modern synthetic and semi-synthetic welded tube mill and cold roll forming coolants. These closed loop, in-line systems are an integral component of the roll mill coolant system. Today’s modern Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic coolants remove oil, sludge, and contaminants from the metal as it is formed in the mill. Dirty coolant from the forming process is transferred directly to the AMCOL Model 3076 Coolant Purification System. Solid contaminants are removed using an Automatic Indexing Media Bed Filter. Oils are then skimmed and decanted from the reservoir. Fresh coolant is polished and returned to the rolls utilizing a close coupled, vertical, centrifugal pump and an in-line bag filter. The result is 100% filtration of the coolant.

Coolants for Roll Forming, Steel Tube, and CNC Machining

CHARCOOL synthetic and semi-synthetic coolants for welded tube production, roll forming, and CNC machining utilize modern chemistry to protect forming tools and provide excellent part quality and finish. 2200 CHARCOOL Series coolants are formulated for superior corrosion protection, machine and finished part cleanliness, ease of filtration and reclamation and coolant longevity. CHARCOOL high performance semi-synthetic micro emulsion concentrates developed for machining aluminum and its alloys are also compatible with and recommended for use with ferrous metals. AMCOL also offers CHARCOOL in high oil emulsions for those applications which are not tolerant of the more modern synthetics and semi-synthetics.

Mobile Coolant Reclamation

The SF160 SURECLEAN Mobile Coolant Reclamation System is a high speed filtration and skimming apparatus that quickly removes suspended solids and tramp oils from water based coolants. + Read more about Mobile Coolant Reclamation Systems.

With a best in class coolant and a properly designed coolant purification system, you can maximize productivity, quality, and profits!

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