Proven Technology, Refined Over Decades

What does it mean? AMCOL been in business for over 100 years. we use a systems approach to product development and by reviewing the entire process, implementation, and life cycle of our products in use, AMCOL is able to pair high performance chemicals with application specific equipment in order to provide solutions to age old process lubrication problems.

AMCOL offers modern chemistry to the non-ferrous extrusion, welded tube & roll forming, and CNC machining industries. We design efficient and durable lubrication and filtration systems which are application specific. This allows AMCOL customers to take advantage of the advanced metalworking fluid options available in today’s marketplace.

By specializing in limited industries, we are able to assess customer requirements through the feedback of many manufacturers performing the same processes. We develop synergistic relationships which allow us to design comprehensive systems. Our customers play a key role in the decision making process.

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