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AMCOL Solutions for Aluminum Extrusion

Automatic Lubrication for Billet Extrusion & Press Tools

AMCOL provides a wide range of process lubrication systems.

Lubricants and parting compounds with tailored dispensing systems help automate the process, minimize operator intervention, and maximize productivity.

AMCOL offers water based liquids and boron nitride powder based dummy block and billet release agents. Automatic spray systems ensure effective coating and efficient application in these critical areas.

Precision Lubrication for Sawing of Billets & Extrusions


CANMIST High Performance Lubricants and AMCOL 6000 Series Lubrication Systems have become synonymous with near dry sawing of hot and cold aluminum billets, extrusions, and castings.

MQL is a combination of very accurate dispensing equipment matched with high performance lubricant chemistry.

The rugged and reliable AMCOL 6000 Series Lubrication Systems and CANMIST High Performance Lubricants are tailored for and developed in the aluminum extrusion industry. No smoke fluids for hot billet sawing, heat treatable, non-staining lubricants, and dry chips are just some of the many benefits.

Lubrication for Machining & Fabrication


CHARCOOL flood coolants and CANMIST precision applied lubricants for CNC machining offer you choices and flexibility for your manufacturing process.

CANMIST High Performance Lubricants and CHARCOOL flood coolants are compatible with cleaning, welding, and packaging operations.

AMCOL 6000 Series Lubrication Systems offer unmatched design flexibility with unique spray nozzle, mounting, and control configurations.