Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) and Near Dry Metalworking (NDMW) is the most recent and quickly advancing technology in metalworking fluid systems. This technology was originally developed in the aerospace industry because the scale of the work amplified the negative attributes of the traditional flood type coolant and surface quality requirements made dry machining not possible.

Most of the early development was based around circular sawing, milling, and drilling non-ferrous metals. AMCOL became an early adopter and developer of this new technology. AMCOL has worked continuously to improve the application technology to be flexible enough to expand to less traditional markets. We have also researched and developed new chemistries to allow expansion of these methods to many high pressure, high heat, and high strength metal fabrication processes. Today, AMCOL services a highly diverse customer base and offers MQL and NDMW to manufacturers previously unable to adopt this new advancement.

Today’s Applications Include:

  • Processes – Circular sawing, shearing, milling, drilling, roll forming, band sawing, lathe cutting, CNC profiling, turning, and stamping
  • Metals – Aluminum, steel, HSLA, SuperAlloys, tool steel, copper, and brass
  • Shapes – Extrusions, rods, bars, sheets, plates, billets, ingots, stampings, tubes, and roll formed shapes

This method of lubrication can apply anywhere you would like to maximize tool life without the traditional coolant mess.

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