Precision Applied Minimum Quantity Lubricants are applied in extremely small quantities to the cutting tool or work piece such that the fluid is consumed as it is appllied with only enough lubricant applied to avoid galling of the part or welding of chips and slugs to the tool or work piece; the unique polar chemistry is known to provide capillary action and actually move to the point where the heat is being produced. Thus, the process is virtually dry.


  • Lubricant concentrates can be used as received. Simply refill a gravity service reservoir with the appropriate fluid without mixing, filtration, or testing.
  • In a typical eight hour shift, you will likely use ounces of CANMIST Precision Applied Minimum Quanity Lubricants versus gallons of conventional industrial lubricants.
  • When properly applied there will be little or no evidence of the use of these products. The work area will be clean and dry with minimal effect on post handling operations such as welding and cleaning of processed parts.

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