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Precision Lubricants and Application Systems

6000 Series Precision Applied Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Injection Metering Systems with Air Assist at the Tip


6000 Series

Positive Displacement Injection Metering

Capable of consistently metering 1 gallon per 200,000 injection cycles.


Multiple Configurations and Recommended Packages

To replace conventional flood, airless spray, siphon mist, and pressurized air over liquid mist.


A Near Dry Working Environment

For reduced chemical exposure and handling with dry parts, chips, and machine.


Used in the production and fabrication of metal

Primary applications include sawing, cutting, bending, roll-forming, machining, and stamping.


CANMIST Precision Applied High-Performance Lubricants

Adheres to the Blade and Holds Up to Heat, Providing Maximum Tool Life



High Performance Concentrates

Synonymous with exceptional tool life.


Maximizes Tool Life

Unique blends of extreme pressure anti‐wear additives in heat stable synthetic base oils.


Extracts Heat With Minimal Smoke

Formulated with the best available additives.


Little or No Residue

Designed to be consumed within the cut.


Specialized Products for a Variety of Applications

Each is designed to be compatible with heat treatment, cleaning, welding, painting, and other processing methods.