What is MQL?

MQL is Minimum Quantity Lubrication. Precision applied minimum quantity lubricants are the latest advancement in cutting, forming, and fabrication technology and have gained widespread use in a variety of chip forming and chipless metalworking operations. This new class of metalworking lubricants, now called Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) and Near Dry Metalworking (NDMW), provide maximum tool life without the mess and waste associated with conventional lubrication systems. With MQL, a minute quantity of lubricant is dispensed on the tool just prior to entering the workpiece. The lubricant is consumed in the work. The result: dry parts, dry chips, and a dry machine.

Benefits of MQL:

  • Eliminate Coolant Mixing or Maintenance – CANMIST is used as received. Simply fill the reservoir.
  • No Coolant Mess – Spray is directed at the tool with no overspray. You’ll have dry parts and a dry floor.
  • Eliminate Rust and Corrosion – CANMIST is compatible with most metals.
  • Dry Chips Get Better Value – This is money in your pocket!
  • MQL is high performance precision lubrication.

“Smart” Metering:

  • System settings are known.
  • Maximized lubricant efficiency. 
  • Adjustments are no longer random.
  • Reduced lubricant usage with less mist, smoke, and overspray.
  • Time tested.

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