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CNC Coolants and Reclamation Systems



Multi-purpose Coolant Concentrate

Used to cool, lubricate, and prevent corrosion in the machining, forming, and fabrication of metals.


Multi-metal and Multi-process Compatible

Used on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and many other alloys.


Economical to Use

Many users cite reduced consumption and disposal.


Operator Friendly

Low odor with excellent resistance to bacteria and fungi.


Light Residual Film

Protects parts and machine from rust and corrosion.


Superior Lubrication and Cooling

Extends tool life and improves surface finish.


Synthetic Coolant for CNC Machining

Water Miscible, Oil Rejecting, Multi-metal Compatible

Model SF160 SURECLEAN Mobile Coolant Purification System

Includes Syphon Lance to Remove Coolant and Pass Through Multi-stage Filtration followed by Oil Skimming


SF160 Reclamation System

High Speed Filtration and Skimming Unit

Quickly removes suspended solids and tramp oils from water-based coolants and cleaners.


Applications Include CNC Machining, Roll Forming, and other Recirculating Systems

One unit can service multiple machines.


Clean Parts and Clean Machine

Offers a better work environment. 


Removes Suspended Solids

Results in less wear and tear on moving components.


Reduces Rust and Corrosion

On parts and the machine.


Mobile System, Fits in Tight Spaces

Ideal for individual sumps that are hard to access and require constant cleaning.