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AMCOL Solutions for Forming and Fabricating

Lubricants for Punching, Stamping, and Forming

AMCOL CANDRAW synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants are formulated for today’s high production metal forming environment.

CANDRAW is designed for high performance in precision application. Protect surface finish, tool life, and reduce waste with these proven winners.

AMCOL offers a range of proven products designed to be compatible with a variety of metals and processing requirements.


Precision Lubrication for Cutting and Fabricating

AMCOL 6000 Series Lubrication Systems, combined with CANMIST high performance lubricant concentrates, replace flood, conventional mist, and airless spray in forming and fabricating.

MQL is a combination of very accurate dispensing equipment matched with high performance lubricant chemistry.

Ideal applications include guillotine cutting, sawing, mandrel bending, roll forming, stamping, and dedicated fabrication cells. 
CANMIST will often extend tool life as compared to conventional lubricants and coolants.

Mobile Coolant Reclamation

The SF160 SURECLEAN Mobile Coolant Reclamation System is a high-speed filtration and skimming apparatus that quickly removes suspended solids and tramp oils from water-based coolants.

The AMCOL SF160 SURECLEAN Coolant Purification System is a stand-alone system that is rolled up to your machine and can complete the process in less than 30 minutes.

The SF160 SURECLEAN Coolant Purification System is best utilized where conventional filtration is not possible due to space constraints, cost, and other machine-specific limitations.