Coolants and Filters for Welded Tube and Cold Roll Forming

CHARCOOL mill coolants set the industry standard with superior rust protection and tool life, reduced roll marking and build up, and maximum usable sump life. AMCOL Model 3076 Coolant Purification Systems optimize coolant performance and sump life with models that can handle flow requirements up to 150 GPM. + Read more about coolants & filtration

Rust Preventatives and Coating Systems

The patented AMCOL Model 3200 In-line Coating System applies interim storage coatings. This simple proven design includes an air blow off, spray controls, 10 gallon reservoir, and mounting. The CANT RUST Series oil based, water displacing, rust preventatives are used to protect steel tubes in storage and transit. All are low odor, high flash point, and contain no VOC’s. A variety of blends are available to meet your exacting needs. + Read more about rust prevention & coating systems

Precision Lubrication for Cut-off and Fabrication

AMCOL 6000 Series Lubrication Systems, combined with CANMIST high performance lubricant concentrates, replace flood, conventional mist, and airless spray in forming and fabricating. Ideal applications include guillotine cutting, sawing, mandrel bending, roll forming, stamping, and dedicated fabrication cells. CANMIST will often extend tool life as compared to conventional lubricants and coolants. + Read more about precision lubrication & application systems

Mobile Coolant Reclamation

The SF160 SURECLEAN Mobile Coolant Reclamation System is a high speed filtration and skimming apparatus that quickly removes suspended solids and tramp oils from water based coolants. + Read more about Mobile Coolant Reclamation Systems.


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