Coolants for CNC Machining

CHARCOOL water dilutable coolant concentrates are designed for use in flood-type machining of metals. CHARCOOL is designed to provide maximum tool life and surface finish, low odor in use, long sump life, and rust protection for parts and machinery. AMCOL offers a range of synthetic and semi-synthetic chemistries that have shown extremely good results in machining steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and other hard to machine alloys. High oil emulsions are available specifically for those applications which are less tolerant to the more modern synthetics. + Read more about Coolants & Filtration

Precision Lubrication for Near Dry Metalworking

AMCOL High Performance Precision Lubrication Systems, also referred to as Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) systems, are designed to replace conventional flood lubrication in sawing and machining of metals. MQL is a combination of very accurate dispensing equipment matched with high performance lubricant chemistry. Lubricants are applied to the machine tool just prior to the cut or through the tool at the point of cutting. The result is a near dry cut with dry chips and a dry part; in many applications tool life and surface finish are also enhanced. + Read more about Precision Lubrication & Application Systems

Interim Storage Coatings

CANT RUST interim storage coatings are designed to provide extended storage protection for parts and assemblies. Available as water based or oil based chemistry, they are typically applied using either spray or immersion methods. + Read more about Rust Preventative & Coating Systems

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