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Tube Mill and Roll Forming Coolants and Filtration


2200 CHARCOOL Series

Water-Miscible, Synthetic Coolant Concentrates

Used to cool, lubricate, and prevent corrosion on parts and machines.


Exceptionally Clean Equipment and Finished Product

Typically flooded over tooling to help wash scale and other contaminants.


Easy to Maintain with Long, Stable Sump Life

Excellent tramp oil rejection and filterable to 5 micron.


Multi-Metal Compatible

Outstanding results with carbon steels, coated steels (galvanized, aluminized, stainless, high strength low alloy (HSLA) and others).


An Industry Standard

Recommended by industry experts and users alike.


Synthetic Coolants for Welded Tube and Cold Roll Forming

Water-Miscible, Oil Rejecting, Mill Coolants and Lubricants


3076 Coolant Purification System

Designed to Maximize the Benefits of Today's Modern Coolants

To achieve long sump life.


Closed Loop, Integral Component of the Roll Mill Coolant System

Ensures 100% filtration.


Contaminants are Washed from the Process and Removed in the Purification System

Includes media filtration and oil skimming.


Cooling Capacity is Enhanced with Solids and Tramp Oil Removed

For improved product quality and finish.


Designed Specifically for Welded Tube and Cold Roll Forming

Systems include deep bed media filter, reservoir, pump, in-line bag filter, and oil skimmer with decanting vessel.

Mill Coolant

Purification Systems

Includes Bed Filter, Reservoir, Pump, Oil Skimming, and In-line Bag Filtration