SONY DSCAMCOL Corporation has become a recognized global leader in Metalworking Fluid Systems used in the manufacturing and fabrication of metal profiles such as aluminum extrusions, cold roll formed parts, and welded steel tubes. AMCOL’s highly specialized and performance driven products have now also found applications in general machining and fabricating of a variety of metals.

AMCOL lubricants, coolants, and coatings serve a diverse market. With our roots in the heart of the automotive industry, our customers have for years been making metal parts used in cars, pickups, and everything in between. Using the lean concepts learned as a supplier for the automotive market, we now serve primary metals, commercial and residential construction, appliance, heavy truck, defense, aerospace, machine tool, alternative energy, agriculture, recreational vehicles, metal rack systems, metal service centers, and many others.

With over 50 years in the lubrication industry and our unwavering commitment to quality, credibility, and dependability, we have a staff of experienced professionals. You are able to leverage our knowledge to give you the competitive advantage needed to succeed in these globally competitive markets.

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