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Want to reduce the time and effort needed to remove roll tooling? 


What is it?

62 RP SPINDLE LUBE is a semi-solid paste used to coat the spindle prior to assembling the tooling on your welded steel tube or roll forming line. This product is an incredibly powerful anti-seize and corrosion preventative barrier between the tool and the shaft. 62 RP SPINDLE LUBE is a thin film with tenacious staying power capable of withstanding the brutal heat, pressure, and wash out conditions that exist in a roll form or steel tube production line.

62 RP SPINDLE LUBE is especially well suited where tooling is on the mill for a long production run. Water-based coolants can wash between the shaft-to-tool interface often leaving behind contaminants. These impurities can cause corrosion and become impacted between the two surfaces. This causes rolls to become frozen on the mill over time if the shafts are left unprotected. Often, mechanical tools such as hammers or hydraulic gear pullers are used to remove the tools. In extreme cases, tools are heated with a torch to aid in removal. These labor-intensive and time-consuming methods can cause damage to rolls, tools, and equipment that will cost your company money!


“Allows rolls to be removed from shafts easily, and lasts a long time on shafts…”

- An Ohio based full service tube producer

How do I use it?

A thin even film is painted onto the exposed shaft using a paint brush or cloth rag during each roll setup. Tooling is then assembled per your company’s standard procedure. This additional step in the setup process requires minimal time and pays dividends when the mill tooling is removed. Due to the light film, a little 62 RP SPINDLE LUBE goes a long way. The film clings in place and reduces the build-up of contaminants and corrosion. When it is time to remove roll tooling from shafts, they slide apart with very little effort.

62 RP SPINDLE LUBE is cleaned or removed using any common petroleum hydrocarbon solvent, such as kerosene or mineral spirits.


“Tenacious, doesn’t wash away easily…”

- A Kentucky based manufacturer of casing and line pipe


“A little goes a long way…Works great all the time…  Great for long runs…”

- A Michigan based ERW tube manufacturer

62 RP SPINDLE LUBE reflects the attention to detail in the AMCOL Approach to the welded tubing and roll forming industries. AMCOL is continually reviewing customer feedback to provide large and small solutions to industry needs. Our products are developed to provide maximum impact on your production. We understand the value of service, quality, consistency, and time. Let us show you how 62 RP SPINDLE LUBE and our integrated line of coolants, corrosion preventatives, application and filtration equipment, service, and industry knowledge turns customers into satisfied customers.

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