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6000-ETC Controller for SMART 6000E

High-Performance Precision Lubrication Systems

The 6000-ETC is an electronic controller with an on-board PLC built specifically to control the 6000E Precision Lubrication System. 6000-ETC gives you all of the control of electronic timing with no need for programming.

Features Include:


  • Fluid volume adjustment with the push of a button


  • A screen display with injection frequency to make adjustments simple


  • Manual Mode: Overrides machine signal for troubleshooting and set-up


  • Eliminates pneumatic timers



  • Optional low fluid level indicator light

Combine with a SMART 6000E for Ultimate Control


Easy to Adjust
Prevents Over-Use
Precision Control

Why Use the 6000-ETC and
Electronic Timing?

  • Eliminates overusing lubricant due to unknown system settings
  • Better understand exact lubrication needs for your machine
  • Works with no PLC or limited access to PLC
  • Only requires one output from machine
  • Compatible with older machines
  • No need for PLC programmer
  • Plug and play installation
  • Adjustments are simple

How It Works:

Proven technology, refined over decades.

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