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Solutions for Forming and Protecting Steel Tubing

3200S Electronically Controlled Tube Coating System


All adjustments are made through NEW touch screen interface.  No more manual adjustments.

Know your coating…
know your cost…
know you are protected

Protection and peace
of mind for
modern manufacturing.


New enclosure for easy access

Coating volume remains consistant

“One of the easiest pieces of equipment we’ve ever installed…it just works”


Why 3200S?

  • Be sure every foot of tube is protected…every time.

  • Touchscreen interface simplifies nozzle configuration and coating volume.

  • Home screen confirms key operating conditions – line speed, coating rate, active nozzles, and more.

  • Repeatable coating for every shape, size, and speed.

  • Always applies coating per customer specifications.

  • Small enough to fit most Welded Tube and Rollform production lines.

  • Design includes decades of corrosion protection experience.

New Features:

  • Intuitive Touch Screen interface: choose the spray points you need based on profile, size, and shape.

  • Redesigned containment enclosure improves nozzle set-up and viewing.

  • PLC Technology receives input from your encoder wheel and adjusts RP output for mill speed changes.

Combined with AMCOL’s Time Proven Technology:

  • Reliable T60A Posi-Pumps

  • Fan Wet Tip for consistent and light coating

  • Robust design for rugged manufacturing environment

  • Reduces Mist and Overspray

Combine your 3200S
with Industry Leading
921 CANT RUST Series

AMCOL’s CANT RUST Series leaves a light oily residue that can protect your product for months. Not all rust preventatives are created equal! Contact AMCOL to find out which product will work best for your operation.

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