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AMCOL Model 3063A Billet Spray System

Set-up Video

AMCOL Model 3063A Spray System is used for applying water-based, organic release agents to billet ends and dummy blocks during aluminum extrusion. AMCOL recommends you set up and operate this system off-line before installing it on your press line. The following video explains the correct system settings, how to properly adjust the spray, and how incorrect system settings affect performance. You will also learn the correct sequencing for PLC integration.

What you will need prior to getting started:

  • A complete AMCOL Model 3063A Billet spray system fully assembled.

  • A clean, well lit, and safe place to set up the system offline.

  • Read the Product Bulletin for AMCOL Model 3063A.

  • Proper PPE including safety glasses.

  • A clean dry air source.

  • An open-end adjustable wrench capable of at least 11/16″.

  • 2 metal rods approximately 1/8″ in diameter to manually actuate solenoid valves.

  • A 3/32″ Allen wrench to tighten the set screw.

  • 2 power supply lines at the appropriate voltage.

  • A method of automatically actuating the 2 solenoids.

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