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Lubrication Technologies for Aluminum Extrusion and Casting

Why Liquid For Billet and Block Lubrication?

Low In-use Cost

AMCOL’s rugged, lowmaintenance 3063 spray system lightly applies the waterbased 46 ILX EJECTEZE.

Consistent and Repeatable Application

3063 features four spray nozzles that rotate in a circular pattern to repeatably apply coating to every billet.

Prevent Aluminum Build-Up

46 ILX EJECTEZE leaves a thin organic coating to keep hot aluminum from adhering to the dummy block.

Features and Benefits of Automatic Liquid Billet Lubrication

3063 Series

Lubrication System for Hot Aluminum Billets


Lubricant for Hot Aluminum Release

Designed for Non-Ferrous Extrusion

  • Integrates with machine PLC
  • Fire resistant hosing
  • System available for dummy block application

Protected Rotating Nozzles

  • Consistent, light, and even coating
  • Coats to the Edge of the Billet
  • Robust Nozzle Design

Maintenance Friendly

  • Straightforward design
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Contained overspray


Lubricant for Hot Aluminum Release

Effectively Adheres to Hot Aluminum

  • Evenly coats hot billets
  • Stable in harsh environment
  • Light residue

Provides Excellent Release

  • Combats aluminum build up
  • Does not affect finished material
  • Replaces messy and unsafe alternatives

Cost Effective

  • Diluted with water
  • Minute quantity required for Release
  • 1.25 gallons per 1000 Billets

Proven Technology, Refined Over Decades

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