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Lubrication Technologies for Aluminum Extrusion and Casting

Why Automatic Shear Lubrication?

Repeatable and Reliable

Manual lubrication is inconsistent and
often inadequate.

Improve Safety

Eliminate employees reaching inside
of press guarding to apply lubricant
or release a stuck butt

Increase Production

Maximize uptime by eliminating
stuck butts and reducing time
spent lubricating.

“Manual shear lubrication costs time and money”

Features and Benefits of Automatic Shear Lubrication

3049 Series

Lubrication System for Hot Shearing Aluminum


Lubricant for Hot Shearing of Aluminum

Built to Last

  • Stainless Steel Reservoir
  • Fire Resistant Hoses
  • Robust Nozzles

Simple PLC Integration

  • Programmed with the Press Cycle
  • 100% Repeatable
  • Customizable to Customer’s Machine

Refined Design

  • Engineered Specifically for Shearing Hot Aluminum
  • Plug and Play
  • Easy to Troubleshoot


Lubricant for Hot Shearing of Aluminum

Formulated for Billet Shearing

  • Evenly Coats Hot Tooling
  • Works for Log or Butt Shear
  • Ideal for Automatic Application

Excellent Release Chemistry

  • Low In-Use Cost
  • Diluted with Water
  • Repeatable Performance

No Smoke or Flame

  • Improved Air Quality
  • Eliminates Fire Hazard
  • Improves Work Place Safety

Proven Technology, Refined Over Decades

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